Threads VS Twitter | Weekly NishIsHere! — Issue #64

Marck Zuckerberg copied again…now it’s Twitter!

Nishat Shahriyar
4 min readJun 1, 2024

Hello, Wonderful 2K+ People!

Welcome to the 64th issue of “Weekly NishIsHere”! In this newsletter, I am sharing interesting links 7 my thoughts about Tech, Creator Economy, Pop Culture & Business. I hope you liked the previous issue.

In today’s Issue, I talk about:

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s latest copy app
  • What former Twitter co-founder thinks about Twitter
  • MrBeast charity helps people around the world
  • Time travel short film
  • Millionaires lessons about making money

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Weekly NishIsHere! — Issue #64

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

♣ Thoughts of the Week

“When you follow somebody online, you are choosing your future thoughts.

Choose wisely.”

- James Clear

◘ I was thinking about this quote for 2 days. This is simple but so deep. Think about this when you hit follow any social network.

♣ Tech

Mark Zuckerberg copied a social network again. Now it’s Twitter. He dropped his new social network “Threads” on 6th July when Twitter is in hit for Musk’s rate limit debacle.

Here, see how Threads mimic Twitter. Zuck even copied the name threads from Twitter threads, a feature hugely popular.

Right now, it’s all hype about threads going, because you can only sign up for threads using your Instagram username. And you can transfer your following there without building a new audience. This is why, Threads now has 70 million+ users!

If you are interested in joining threads, read this detailed post from Lindsey Gamble’s Newsletter. He wrote about how It works, how creators can use it, future opportunities & more in detail.

◘ It’s been a while since Elon Musk took over Twitter. We saw how Jack, the co-founder of Twitter is very favorable to Musk. But what about the other co-founders, like Ev Williams?

Here is the answer.

(Twitter Founders on Musk’s Tumultuous Takeover | The Circuit)

♣ Creator Economy

◘ You know MrBeast as a huge Youtuber who likes to throw money at anyone, doing big videos like Squid game in real life. But do you know he also runs a charity organization called “Beast Philanthropy”?

Check this video, you will get an idea of how big MrBeast’s charity work is.

(We’re Giving Away 1,000 Electric Bikes for Free | MrBeast)

He donates all the money he makes from this channel’s videos and puts more money into his charity works than his regular youtube videos.

As someone said in the comment-

“From opening your own charity to feeding a city in need, giving scholarships worth $300,000, and distributing 50,000 cookies, you’ve made a tremendous impact. You’ve fed five cities in just 30 days, assisted hurricane survivors, provided meals for 10,000 families on Thanksgiving, and even contributed to cleaning the ocean! The list of your achievements goes on and on. You are truly remarkable, Jimmy!”

♣ Pop Culture

◘ Do you like Time travel science fiction? Then I think you’ll like this amazing short film! They spent 13 months creating this 6 minutes long short film. Worth Watching!

(One-Minute Time Machine — The Short Film that (probably) helped Rick & Morty win an Emmy | Devon Avery)

◘ In this video about “The Rock” will motivate you to do the hard work. Rock is Hollywood’s most hard-working celebrity and here’s how he become so famous:

(How The Rock Held Hollywood Hostage for 10 Years Straight | Patrick Cc)

♣ Business

◘ Creator Ali Abdaal interviewed a few different multi-millionaires on his podcast in the past 18 months and spoke to all of them about how they made their money. In this video, he goes through 5 of his favorite lessons about making money from successful entrepreneurs.

(Millionaire “Don’t invest your savings, do this instead” | Ali Abdaal)

♣ Photo of the Week

◘ The last samurai, AeyJay, ibis paint,2023

( Posted by u/Rengokuarts inspiration Nueve.)

♣ Quote of the Week

“No person has the power to have everything they want, but it is in their power not to want what they don’t have, and to cheerfully put to good use what they do have.” — Seneca

That’s all, friends! I hope you like this issue!

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— Nish

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