NFT is the new INTERNET | Weekly NishIsHere! — Issue #34

NFT is the new INTERNET, BATMAN breaks down his characters, Doctor Strange is back.

Nishat Shahriyar
3 min readFeb 19, 2022


Welcome to the 34th issue of “Weekly NishIsHere”.

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Weekly NishIsHere — Issue 34

♣ Thoughts of the Week

♣ Tech

NFT’s are like the Internet in 90’s canceled by some wise men!

NFT’s are taking over the new generation. It is the internet to us in time back, now that to them!

♣ Creator Economy

MrBeast is going to cross 100 million subscribers soon! He will be the second content creator after Pewdiepie to achieve the milestone!

Snoop taking the power from the record label to himself! Music artists are really winning in the NFT scene!

♣ Pop Culture

That Doctor is back! With epic madness!

The new BAT is cool!

Ed’s live concert are always wholesome. I love this man!

♣ This Week on YouTube

This video’s format is gold.

♣ Podcast Just Listened

My First Million — Ryan Holiday on The Economics of Book Writing, Why You’re Monetizing Your Media Business All Wrong, His Split with Tucker Max, and

Sam Parr (@theSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) are joined by Ryan Holiday (@RyanHoliday) to discuss how Ryan makes and spends his money, why he opened a book shop, what fuels him, why he decided to sell coins instead of tee shirts, and much more.

I enjoyed this episode. If are interested in writing, marketing must listen!

♣ Photo of the Week

Take me back to Fall, me, Digital, 2022

Posted by u/KAiUF32

♣ Quote of the Week

“You don’t “change” when you live abroad,

you simply rediscover how much of your “personality” is conditioned by where you live.”


That’s all for this week, friends! Hope you like this issue!

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— Nish

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