How My Fear Become My Main Motivator

Note to Myself (or who read this!)

Nishat Shahriyar
2 min readNov 6, 2022

Here is a picture of myself from 2017 (left) & a picture from 2021 (right).

Photo — Me

These photos tell a lot.

I was a vagabond then.
Living life the way I like, fuck everybody!

But without any goal.

Life was like… Go with the flow. Live the moments right now!

I had dreams, passions and ambitions! But I did not care to work on them.

I was not taking care of myself.

I was feeling FREE!

Now look at me.

I’m 32+, financially stable, married to a wonderful wife, and became a father of a beautiful daughter recently.

I am writing regularly, working on my passions, and fueled with high ambitions. I am blessed to work at a place like AuthLab where my intelligence is appreciated.

I feel respected, inspired & always moving forward.

I’m a man with a mission.

I still feel FREE!

Then what changed?


Only a small fear born inside me — “fear staying average.”

That fear started to become big in the coming years!

I hated this fear. So I took action to face it.

I’m not a changed man.

I am revealing my true self…one day at a time.

I’m taking the bar high for myself.
I am pushing myself to become more, above average.

I am in no competition with others, rather than with yesterday’s me.

I fear becoming average. This fear motivates me everyday.

I believed myself then, and I believe myself more now!

So believe in yourself!

Life will pick you up!

Not today, but some day…one day!

P.S: You can ignore my midnight rumbles. Don’t know why I wrote this, but sharing for my own mental peace. I hope someone will find this helpful.

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