How Google Ruining Internet and Audrey Hepburn! | Weekly NishIsHere — Issue #66

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Nishat Shahriyar
4 min readJun 11, 2024

In today’s Issue, I talk about:

  • The power internet gave you, me and us!
  • How Google ruining internet
  • Nothing, expect everything…
  • Does this person look like you?
  • How to become a millionaire at a low salary
  • And Audrey Hepburn ❤

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Weekly NishIsHere — Issue #66

Photo by europeana on Unsplash

♣ Thoughts of the Week

Pause a moment, think about this. Internet and globalization gave us the power to connect with millions. This was only reserved by a few mainstream media, which never wanted people to become powerful with their voices.

Now, you and I have the power to reach people around the world. This newsletter is read by two thousand people including you! Can I think about this if I was born in 1970?

♣ Tech

◘ “You may have noticed that Google isn’t what it used to be. Search results are buried under ads and sponsored links, and when you do find a result, it’s overflowing with SEO garbage. You aren’t imagining things: the internet is getting quantifiably worse.”

How Google RUINED the Internet

In this video, Adam explains how the same Google that once helped make the Internet more accessible to countless people has doomed the Internet itself for the foreseeable future.

♣ Creator Economy

◘ Can you make a movie and upload it for free on YouTube? If anyone did this, Will you watch it?

Filmmaker Wesley Wang did this exactly. And this is the result:

nothing, except everything.

BTW, this film won numerous awards in different places!

♣ Pop Culture

They say, there are 7 people thats exactly look alike in this world.

If you believe this, then this documentary is a must-watch for you.

Why Does This Woman Look Exactly Like Me? | Finding My Identical Twin Stranger | Full Documentary

“This program follows 16 people searching for their look-alikes around the world. Using advanced technology and expert analysis, the show aims to find the most identical pair through facial features and DNA testing. The public are also brought in to evaluate the similarities between the pairs in photos and in person.

Beyond the scientific aspect, the program looks to explore why people seek doppelgängers and how meeting someone similar prompts self-reflection.”

♣ Business

◘ This is a very interesting video from Ramit Sethi. This will resonate with you a lot, I guess both you and I are living paycheck to paycheck. But we have a dream to become a millionaire someday.

How to Become a Millionaire on a Low Salary

In this video, Rami will show 3 levers you and I can adjust to easily make $1,000,000.

♣ Photo of the Week

◘ Imagine Audrey Hepburn as Harley Quinn. Now you can see, thanks to AI

Image by Stable Diffusion

♣ Quote of the Week

◘ So what are you creating? Let me know, hit reply and send it. I will definitely look into it!

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