Future Billionaire YouTubers, Twitter Predictions & Jared Leto’s Cult| Weekly NishIsHere! — Issue #44

How Elon Musk Will & Can run twitter (as expert’s opinion). Why Business fails, YouTubers are going to be Billionaires, Why does Jared Leto run as a cult leader?

Nishat Shahriyar
4 min readMay 22, 2022


Welcome to the 44th issue of “Weekly NishIsHere”.

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Weekly NishIsHere — Issue 44

♣ This Week’s Must Read

With Elon Musk and Twitter, I’m writing or sharing something on every issue of Weekly NishIsHere. I can’t even STOP!. This is a hot issue and every day something happening around this!

Today I will share three articles. All three are opinions written by well-known people, how Elon Musk can run Twitter or how Elon Musk should run Twitter. You will find interesting insights reading them.

The first article is by Balaji Srinivasan, a famous Silicon Valley thinker, angel investor and tech person. Balaji shared an idea of how Elon Musk could conquer Twitter and defeat American politicians with crypto.

The Elondropbalajis.com

Build the political support necessary to free Twitter with the largest airdrop in history.

Ben Thompson is a tech analyst and journalist. In his famous newsletter Stratechery, he writes about the benefits that Elon Musk could have if he split Twitter into two companies.

Back to the Future of Twitter — Stratechery by Ben Thompsonstratechery.com

What Tech writer Ben Thompson think, how elon musk should run twitter under his rein!

Those obsessed with design and UX will enjoy reading this article. This article explores how Twitter’s UX transformation can play a role in transparency and freedom of speech.

Elon’s Twitter: a UX theory 🧠builtformars.com

So how could his incarnation of Twitter look? And how could clever UX help promote transparency and freedom of speech?

♣ Pop culture

Who doesn’t know Jared Leto! From DC’s Joker to Marvel’s Morbius! But did you know that his popularity is almost like a cult leader among his fan followers?

Why so much controversy over Jared Leto?

Thirty Seconds To Mars — Closer To The Edgewww.youtube.com

Many may not know that Jared Letter has a band with his brother. Name Thirty Seconds To Mars, their famous song — Closer To The Edge is one of my favorite songs!

♣ YouTube This Week

Why do most businesses fail? There is so much to learn from this video.

CNN launched its streaming service with so much marketing, but it could not run for a month and had to stop!

The incident is a shining example of how much people’s confidence has been lost in the American media. You can understand the details by watching this video.

♣ Tech

Internal Tech Emails is a Twitter account that tracks internal emails and documents from tech companies and Silicon Valley. These emails are taken from various court documents and other public archives of the company.

As you can see in this conversation internal talks between Elon Musk and a Saudi prince. In past, Elon Musk tweeted his infamous tweet, that he would take Tesla private. This is how he would do that. But the deal failed.

♣ Creator Economy

These YouTubers are going to be billionaire some day. How? Like this:

♣ Photo of the Week

two swans, acrylic, 2022

Posted by u/Anastasia_Trusova

♣ Quote of the Week

“People are not created for defeat. He may be destroyed but not lost.”

- Ernest Hemingway

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That’s all for this week, friends! I hope you like this issue!

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