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Welcome to the 62 issue & the first 2023 issue of “Weekly NishIsHere”! This is a newsletter sharing weekly bytes about Tech, Creator Economy, Pop Culture & Business.

Nishat Shahriyar
4 min readJan 29, 2023

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Hi, I am Nishat Shahriyar, Aka NISH. This is my personal newsletter where I share my work-life experiences as a Digital Marketer and discuss topics like Tech, Creator Economy, Pop Culture and Business every Thursday. I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions.


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Weekly NishIsHere! — Issue #62

♣ Some personal news!

I become a father last year!

I am blessed with a beautiful angel last October! This a life changing moment for me. When my wife got pregnant everything changed for me. And when I hold my baby for the first time, it took a drastic turn.

I changed my whole future focus.

And “Weekly NishIsHere” got a new home. I Started this newsletter using Revue, but Twitter recently shut it down for good. So I transferred it to new home, Substack.

Nothing changed, you don’t have to do anything. Just the email changed- You will now receive this newsletter from rather then emails.

♣ Thoughts of the Week

♣ Tech

ChatGPT took the world by storm, but how much are you aware of the A.I revolution happening in the tech world.

Watch this:

♣ Creator Economy

MrBeast (Jimmy) got featured on Forbes!

It is the first time a creator featured in Forbes! But not the last! More are going to dominate the first pages of these magazines coming year!

Could MrBeast Be The First YouTuber Billionaire?

Discord pulls a patreon, now you can offer server subscriptions to your fans!

Creators and community leaders will be able to offer subscription plans in exchange for unique roles, perks, and benefits.

And like the best features on Discord, it’s totally up to creators and community leaders on how they utilize it: from pricing to offerings, server owners can set up their Server Subscriptions how they like while taking home 90% of the money they earn after applicable deductions.

◘ You know Mrbeast is as creator, but he is also a calculated businessman!

Read: You’ve Met MrBeast, the YouTuber. Now Meet Jimmy, the Business Mogul.

◘ Mr Beast is raising money, making him the first billionaire YouTuber!

Read: Scoop: YouTube mega-star MrBeast seeks 10-figure valuation

◘ But is he really worth billions?

Read: Is MrBeast actually worth $1.5 billion?

Sideman, a popular YouTube group becomes a money making machine. How? Another amazing creator economy story!

Watch this:

♣ Pop Culture

◘ I am pumped to watch this documentary, not because it is produced by amazing creators like “Yes Theory”; but this looks incredible!

Project Iceman TRAILER ❄️

Batman, my most favorite superhero. One thing is unique about Batman, it’s his ‘Bat Suit’.

Here’s how batsuit evolved over the years:

What is your favorite bat suit? Reply me, I really wanna know!

♣ Photo of the Week

◘ Do I need to say anything? One thing is clear: “If you want to make money, create value! Give, give, give….then ask!”

♣ Quote of the Week

“When you stop sacrificing today for tomorrow. When today is complete, in and of itself, you’re retired”


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— Nish

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