Boomers Dominating Old Social Media, TikTok & Beeple | Weekly NishIsHere! — Issue #40

Photo by Andrea Sánchez on Unsplash

Weekly NishIsHere — Issue 40

♣ Thought of the Week

◘ This was my thought exactly.

♣ Tech

◘ Those younger users peel off to new platforms: TikTok’s monthly engagement is now 3x Instagram’s — 26 hours a month! And it’s only a matter of time before parents and grandparents are on TikTok, and a new platform emerges… (via Rex Woodbury)

♣ Twitter Education

♣ Meme of The Week

♣ YouTube This Week

◘ How Telegram became a hit behind Facebook and empower millions!

♣ Movies I’m Interested about

◘ The Adam Project: I am excited about a Sci-fi after a longtime!

♣ Photo of the Week

dancing with your ghost, acrylic on canvas, 2022

♣ Quote of the Week



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