American Billionaires, Artificial Intelligence VS Artist & Casey Neistat | Weekly NishIsHere! — Issue #58

Why Americans hate their billionaires? Soldier boy is a gangsta, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. Casey is back in Newyork!

Nishat Shahriyar
3 min readSep 17, 2022

Welcome to the 58th issue of “Weekly NishIsHere.”

Interesting things are on the way….

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Weekly NishIsHere — Issue 58

♣ Thought of the Week

◘ More and more customer focused business are becoming Media company. Is it the new way to attract customers? whats your thoughts?

♣ Tech

◘ A very interesting argument. What you think? Will AI will hurt artists or will it create a new genre of art & new kinds of artists?

♣ Creator Economy

Own Music! Own Books! —
Owning media is now an act of countercultural defiance

Does copyright practice by big companies hurt creative fields? A compelling essay you should read.

Casey Neistat is back in NYC! So does his VLOGS! Man! I’m so hyped!

♣ Must Read

After the best year in history to be among the super-rich, one of America’s 745 billionaires wonders: ‘What’s enough? What’s the answer?’ — The Washington
After the best year in history to be among the super-rich, one of America’s 745 billionaires wonders: “What’s enough? What’s the answer?”

◘ Do you hate billionaires? Do you think that they are the main reason for all problems? Then, read this!

♣ Pop Culture

Soldier Boy is so gangsta!

♣ Photo of the Week

Untitled, Digital, 2022

Posted by u/ayaseesblack

♣ Quote of the Week

The value of a man is measured by the few things he creates, not from the many goods that accumulates

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