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Nishat Shahriyar
3 min readDec 30, 2022

Welcome to the 61st issue of “Weekly NishIsHere.”

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Weekly NishIsHere — Issue 61

♣ Thought of the Week

◘ AI is going to change industries. Get ready for Artificial Intelligence Revolution!

♣ Tech

◘ So Elon Musk is now a “Perfume Salesman”! It’s in his bio literally!

◘ AI writing tool “Jasper” (Previously known as Jarvis) became a Billion dollar company in 18 months! WOW!

◘ Stability AI, the startup behind Stable Diffusion, raises $101M •
Stability AI, the startup behind the image-generating AI system Stable Diffusion, has raised $101 million at a reported valuation over $1 billion.

◘ Another AI image tool, just raised their round. It is already created a revolution in creative space!

♣ Creator Economy

◘ Dream’s face revealed is live and viewed by 1.5 million people. And it went VIRAL!

More on Creator news by SCARCE:

◘ This is insane. Again, creators are showing the power of creator economy! 40k people attended an event organized by streamers!

Can you believe this?!

◘ And just like other creator someone alleged dream of grooming…seriously? And creator donating his full year income to charity!

More on creator news by SCARCE again:

◘ Inspiring creativity with our new editing tools | TikTok
From carefully edited recipes to tutorials and daily vlogs, so many of the most captivating videos on TikTok are created by talented storytellers who express their creativity with every cut, clip, and

◘ YouTube just announced Channel handle. Just like your @twitter username, now you can have it for YouTube too!

◘ And big congratulations to Colin and Samir! They are the one of many YouTubers, I watch regularly in this “Creator Economy” space!

♣ Pop Culture

◘ DC Teen Titans are introducing new Lex Luthor on their HBO Max show!

It’s Titus Welliver, whom we know from The Mandolorian, Suits, The son of anarchy, White collar TV series & Promised land, Transformer 4, The Town, twisted, Blonde movies!

◘ I got goosebumps watching this trailer! Michael B. Jordan VS Jonathan Majors!


♣ Photo of the Week

◘ this is trippy, man!

♣ Quote of the Week

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